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Our client base is expanding. We continuously seek the following professionals with skills in the following areas:
six sigma cultural transformation Cultural Transformation
six sigma leadership Leadership Assessment
six sigma statistics Applied Statistics
six sigma manufacturing and transactional Six Sigma Master Black Belts for both >>Manufacturing and Transactional
design for six sigma Design for Six Sigma

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Quality Management
Quality Management Speaker: Statistical Methods Stream

Evaluating the Quality of Data

All data are subject to various sources of measurement variation. The first step in “Measurement Systems Optimization” and “ Process Capability Evaluation” is identifying and knowing which sources of measurement variation to reduce. In this session learn how to perform “Measurement Systems Analysis” (MSA). Through MSA the sources of measurement variation may be quantified and prioritized for continuous improvement.

  • Statistical Process Control & Six Sigma Capability/Performance

All processes are subject to static and dynamic disturbances that shift the process mean from time to time. Such sources of variation are not predictable however they are known to exist. Using statistical process control methods learn how to quantify such disturbances and create specifications that are designed to meet Six Sigma capability and performance.

  • Process Management By Data

The quality of a product is largely determined by a number of processes. How those processes are managed determines the quality of the product. In this session learn how to interpret process capability and performance indicators, apply variation reduction algorithms, and determine the effective cost of production. This framework creates the foundation for an effective process management system that drives the continuous improvement of the business process.

  • Multi-Vari Analysis & Graphical Techniques for Continuous Improvement

The variation in the product from a process is the sum of the many sources of variation present in the process. In this session learn how to partition the variation in the output as a function of the variation present in the process. This is a critical step in the identification of special cause variation. Once special cause variation has been identified it can be reduced or eliminated resulting in superior process performance and product quality.

Six Sigma EnrollmentSix Sigma Canada
The Knowledge Management Group Inc, offers Six Sigma Enrollment Programs throughout Canada.
six sigma executive overview Six Sigma Executive Overview
six sigma champion Six Sigma Champion
six sigma yellow belt Six Sigma Yellow Belt
six sigma green belt Six Sigma Green Belt
six sigma black belt Six Sigma Black Belt
six sigma master black belt Six Sigma Master Black Belt

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Six Sigma Consulting

WE ALSO OFFER Six Sigma Seminars for business process improvement.
six sigma measurement systems  analysis Measurement Systems Analysis
six sigma process capability and performance Process Capability and Performance
six sigma statistical methods Advanced Statistical Methods
six sigma design and analysis of experiments Design and Analysis of Experiments
six sigma process control and management Statistical Process Control and >>Management

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Six Sigma Consulting Team

Andrew Milivojevich, Six Sigma Consultant, is not only the founder and Andrew Milivojevich president of The Knowledge Management Group, Inc., he also is a frequent speaker on Six Sigma and statistical methods to improve business performance. Read more about Andrew Milivojevich.

Our Six Sigma Advisors are exceptional at what they do. Their backgrounds and Six Sigma Consultant Teamexperience is broad. They have applied their craft to every type of business process. Combined, they have more than 100 years of professional experience. Academically, they hold professional designations, certifications, advanced degrees, and are sought after speakers. Read more about our Six Sigma Advisors.

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